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Nov 2004 - Quality Assurance System (QAS) for the Recognition Scheme for Security Training Courses

After several months of preparation, we are delighted to announce that we has been assessed by VTC as a security company to have met the requirements and standards prescribed under the QAS of the Recognition Scheme and provide “The Security Personnel Training” (The SGSIA Recognized Training Course – Quality Assurance System Compliance)

This scheme aims at providing basic security training courses that complies with legal requirement, to companies which are lack of external sources on the provision of qualified training program for their staff employees, building management bodies which wish to dispatch their guards for proper training, general public who seek such training for personal enrichment.

The meaning of this scheme to City Security is our training program has been certified by authorized body, we can provide our one-stop security solution thoroughly from employee recruitment and training to service delivery and monitoring based on the blue print of ISO 9001:2000 to fit into our requirement of service quality. It is definitely an enhanced quality assurance to our current and potential clients.

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Nov 2004 - Chelsea Court Sales Event

A deluxe six-star hotel serviced apartment – CHELSEA Court sales event must be coupled with first class security services to maintain the order of the venue and serve all coming honorable guests. Our Customer Service Ambassador and Security Personnel have no doubt provided their best services to ensure that there are sufficient room for all potential residents enjoying high-quality concierge services provided by developers and selecting their ideal apartment in a safe and comfort environment.

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Oct 2004 - Outstanding Performance Award

Biannual Outstanding Performance Award has been accomplished on this month. A keen competition was expected in this year. It was reflected on our latest service audit, the result showed that the overall performance of our security personnel has improved significantly. In view of this, it is difficult indeed to select the most potential candidates running for this scheme.

After several rounds of voting from our panel of judges based on Security Knowledge, Handling-skill, Working Attitude, Appearance and Manner of the security personnel as well as client’s recommendations. Three classified staff were awarded the Outstanding Performance Award: Lee Kam Shing - Chief Operations Officer, Ho Chiu Chun – Senior Security Officer, Ng Ka Chun – Security Supervisor.

Since staff quality is one of our key milestones to promote and develop our business, behind of that is the purpose of introducing this award not only offers recognition to members of the classified staff whose service and accomplishments are most deserving of acknowledgement by the company but also spreads the message of continuous learning to our staff, we recognize that investment in our people is the best investment.

We believe with our professional management and well-trained staff can gain more and more support from clients in coming days.

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Sep 2004 International Ship and Port Facility Security Code -ISPS code

After the disaster of 9/11 - people who lost their lives and tremendous property damage. An expensive lesson learned by governments is that they are not safe on their own soil. Security is needed to increase to prevent another disaster, which is particular importance on Industry of transportation via freight and vassal.

In view of this, the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) has established an International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS code) with enhanced new rules and requirements which is effective on 1 September 2004, all contracting parties to SOLAS are needed to comply with ISPS code which is aimed at providing protection at several security level, port security officer (PSO) needs to develop contingency plan, conduct regular port security drill as well as designate restricted area for in/out access control and inspection. Ship who does not comply with ISPS code requirements will be refused to entry into the port.

Hong Kong as a major international maritime centre in the world must implement this code strictly, it is a great challenge for those security companies providing port security services, sophisticated security personnel and special equipment is a complement to carry out the duty. [City Security] has already had sufficient preparation for this challenge and is the first security company who deploys the ISPS duty in full set of equipment, those are made in US in accordance with the standard. That sticks to our commitment to provide superior security services and the pursuit of excellence.

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Jul 2004 - Safety Award

On July 23, 2004, the Lo Pang Dinner of Chun Wo Group was held in Ocean Palace Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui to celebrate this grand anniversary of construction industry. In this remarkable evening, representative of our operation team was pleased to accept the Safety Award issued by Shell Hong Kong Limited to express their appreciation for our outstanding safety management implemented on Shell Tsing Yi Installation and Apleichau Transit Depot . We are gratitude for the recognition of our service quality which is our motivation to enhance our services for new challenge and reaching the highest level of excellence.

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Jun 2004 - Sales Event of Park Island

Park Island, which is the largest green and environmental-friendly estate situated in Ma Wan, is a spectacular resort-style residence surrounded by nature. It is expected that its sales event draws tremendous attention of potential buyers. In view of this, we arrange more than 100 security personnel including Customer Service Ambassador under our management to provide superior quality of crowd control and customer services to ensure that all our guests can select their best choice in a safe and relaxing environment.

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May 2004 - Annual Refresher Training

At the 1st quarter of each year, we will provide refresher training for staff who has joined our company over half year. The primary objective is to enrich and enhance their security knowledge. We believe that sophisticated and sufficient training is a must for our staff to deliver professional security service for our clients.

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Apr 2004 - Quality Assurance

Thanks to the attempt paid on the service quality assurance, City Security Co. Ltd. has established a Quality Management System conforming to the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 System requirement and successfully been awarded a Certificate on 22 April 2004. All of us are extremely in high spirits as the certificate is not only for the system but also our effort paid on the service. We of course shall keep our service in good standard and keep making enhancement to provide the most ideal security service to our client.

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Apr 2004 - Security Force of Ex-Gurkha Soldiers

This photo was taken for the outdoor security event of April 2004, the service is, delivered by our security force, to provide road traffic control and orders monitoring, thanks for their courage, loyalty and skill to accomplish the task smoothly under a tough environment. Our Gurkha Guard Service is formed by the Ex-Gurkhas from British Army and Disciplinary Forces, leveraging their solid and hand on experiences on providing security services, we are pleased to ensure that our clients can be working and living in a safe and comfort environment.

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Mar 2004 - New Uniform of Customer Service Ambassador

New, sharp and elegant uniform for our customer service ambassador was first shown in “Residence Bel-Air” apartment selling event. Apart from offering security services, a group of energetic and beautiful young ladies was recruited for providing customer services. Senior management of the developer for Residence Bel-Air - PCCW was happy with the arrangement, not only attributed to the colour of the uniform has a perfect match with the core colour tone of the event, but also attributed to our service commitment.

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Jan 2004 - Green Green Club

Park Island, the largest estate located in Ma Wan, keeps holding different kinds of function for her residents. These functions let not only the residents enjoy their holiday, but also attract a lot of consumer and visitors. Like last week, the developer has held a carnival to celebrate the opening of their Green Green Club. We are responsible for the security jobs that everything was under our control and everyone over there enjoyed the fair on that day.

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