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  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節



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Dec 2005 - Seiyu (Shatin) Co. Ltd

CITY has been providing security service to Seiyu Department Store in New Town Plaza since December 2005. Seiyu Department Store is known for its enormous scale and size, therefore CITY strengthened the human resource allocation in the store in order to provide a better and more effective security service. This brought to a significant improvement in in-store security. Seiyu highly appreciated the service and special arrangement offered by CITY.

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Nov 2005 - ICC ground-breaking ceremony

Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd held the International Commerce Center (ICC) ground-breaking ceremony on the 9th November 2005. ICC is regarded as the focal point of Kowloon Station Development Packages 5, 6 & 7. It will be the tallest building in Hong Kong and third worldwide. CITY was honored to participate in this historic ceremony and offer security services.

During the day, HKSAR Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Director Gao Siren and Deputy Director Li Guikang of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the HKSAR Yang Wenchang and the MTR Corporation's Chief Executive Officer C K Chow and Property Director Thomas Ho were welcomed at the ceremony by Chairman & Chief Executive Walter Kwok and Vice Chairmen & Managing Directors Thomas Kwok and Raymond Kwok of Sun Hung Kai Properties.

Facing more than a hundred government officials and executives, we had to ensure the all-round arrangement in both security and program rundown. Owing to our past experience and seamless cooperation with the management company, the ceremony was held successfully and smoothly.

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Oct 2005 - Security Service at Mongkok Sino Center

Starting from October 2005, CITY has been responsible for the security service at Mongkok Sino Center, the security environment in the Center was greatly improved. The success of this project was owing to an efficient security plan after our operation managers thoroughly analyzed the existing situation in the Center with sufficient support from company and then cooperated with the Hong Kong Police and the management company of the Center.

Meanwhile, the onsite security guards have also outstandingly performed. One of our guards was rewarded “The Best Security Guard” by Hong Kong Police. CITY will continue to provide professional security service for the client.

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Aug 2005 - Security Service Contract of Kornhill

City is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a three-year security service contract from the MTRC for the provision of security service at Kornhill – a sizable estate comprises of 16 twin-towers, totally 6,648 flats, estate club house and a carpark with 1,168 spaces, total number of security personnel engaged in this project is in the quantity of 100.

As the first sizable estate that we work with MTRC, Kornhill will be identified as our model site. We have no doubt to keep close connection with and provide the best services to Client via sophisticated planning to ensure that the transition-in and daily operations is implementing in a systemic and controlled manner.

It is expected that Kornhill will be our milestone to disseminate the “Change for Good” message to our valuable clients.

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Jul 2005 - Security Service for the Exhibition “Chinese Dinosaur Fossils” at Cityplaza

From 24 June, 2005 to 31 July, 2005, an Exhibition “Chinese Dinosaur Fossils” launched by Swire Properties Limited is exhibited at Cityplaza – a first public area in Hong Kong to exhibit dinosaur fossils. All of the fossils are sourced from mainland china and have not been featured in Hong Kong.

Since the opening of the exhibition, the mall has attracted approximately one hundred of eighty thousand of guests per day in average during the exhibition period. City is pleased to engage in this sizable event for the provision of security service to facilitate visitor flow and maintain the exhibition area in order during the exhibition period.

In view of the value of these national treasures, especial the fossil of Psittacosaurus sinensis dinosaur (also named “Chinese Parrot Lizard”) which is displayed in the exhibition. Since this Fossil is less than six sets in the world, one of them was just being stolen from Newcastle Regional Museum of Australia on the middle of July this year. We have not only dispatched competence guards for this project but also assigned our senior operations teammate to look after this project and keep a close connection with client on daily basis for fast response to tackle any ad hoc amendments on the current security measure as well as implementation of contingency plan in case of special circumstance. We believe all visitors will have a memorable experience to close encounter with our national treasures in a safe and comfort environment.

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Apr 2005 - Gangway Security Service for Sapphire Princess

On 2 April 2005, Sapphire Princess, with total weight and full load displacement over 110,000 tons as well as one of the largest ships in the world, historically first visits Hong Kong and anchors close to the Modern Terminals. During the period, we are pleased to be invited for the provision of gangway security service for the passengers of Sapphire Princess.

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