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  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節



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Dec 2022 - Kowloon East Region 2022 Best Security Guard Award Presentation Ceremony

The "Kowloon East Region 2022 Best Security Guard Award" organized by the Hong Kong Police Force Regional Crime Kowloon East, Headquarters Regional Crime Prevention Office was successfully completed with the award presentation ceremony held at Police Sports and Recreation Club on 9th December, 2022.
City Security Company Ltd awarded five certificates of merit in the ceremony of Kowloon East Best Security Service Awards on 9th December, 2022, which has shown their appreciation to our outstanding performance. The remaining awards were as follows:
1. Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards 2021-2022, Wings at Sea.
2. The Excellent Performance Security Guard Awards of 2021-2022, Kowloon East.
We will ensure that our security personnel are carrying out all necessary duties as well as working closely with the Clients to deliver quality security services!

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Dec 2022 – Official Event Security Services Provider of the 56th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo

The Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo has been a popular outdoor expo in Hong Kong since 1938. The 56th Hong Kong Brands & Products Expo was held from 9 December 2022 to 1 January 2023 at the Victoria Park, Causeway Bay.
HKSAR Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu opened the event in Victoria Park in this year. He was escorted by our highly-trained security personnel to one of the exhibition booths. Featuring famous brands and quality products from Hong Kong and overseas, local citizens and tourists enjoy great fun at the fair in the festive season.
For twelve consecutive years, City Security has been appointed as the official event security services provider for the Expo. Being one of the market leaders in providing crowd management, close protection and ticketing services to the events markets, City Security provides high quality and well-managed security and ticketing services to the event organizer and all exhibitors.

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Nov 2022 –YATA V.I.P Sales Event 2022

Commencing on the 23rd of November 2022, the YATA V.I.P Sales Event will be running continuously for seven days. City Security Company Limited has been appointed as the designated Security Services provider to provide comprehensive security services to ensure the smooth operation and successful completion of the event.

We have implemented the range of social-distancing and preventative measures in place. When entering stores, our security guard reminds the customer about social distancing at the entrance, along with hand sanitizers to manage the number of people going in-store. There are limitations on the number of customers allowed in store at any one time, depending on the store size. Aforementioned, our security staff will ask customers to follow relevant instructions.

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Nov 2022 – New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards 2021-2022

New Territories South Best Security Personnel Awards result has been announced. Over 400 security personnel who came from commercial, industrial or residential security sector were being selected by the panel committee and received the award. This year, we have 8 security guards with good performance who have won relevant awards. City Security is committed to providing high level of services and strengthening security training standards at all times. The awards and recognition we received are a testament to our hard work. City Security will continue to deliver quality security services in the future.

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Aug 2022 - Provision of security services for Don Don Donki (The Whompoa branch)

Don Don Donki Hong Kong was established in 2019 and currently runs 10 retail stores in Hong Kong. Don Don Donki offers wide range of Perishables (Produces, Fish, Meat, Delicatessen), Confectionery & Packaged Foods, Beauty, Healthcare products as well as other Japanese Products, covering a broad range of items, all catered for customers with different budgets and needs.
With effect from August 2022, City Security undertook the retail security services for their Whampoa store located at Whampoa Garden. the new store is created around the theme of ‘Showa Retro’, allowing Hong Kong customers to feel as if they have traveled back in time and are living in and experiencing Japan in its evocative Shōwa (pre-’89) era. Our security personnel guards and protects the store and its assets to prevent any potential shoplifting from happening.

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May 2022 - The 9th Best Property Safety Management Award

The Best Property Safety Management Award aims to encourage the property management industry to implement effective safety management system, and recognize organizations with outstanding achievements in occupational safety and health. City Security Company Limited (CSL), together with our clientele Hong Kong Baptist University Estates Office, was awarded the Best Property Contractor in Occupational Safety and Health - Gold Award, this is the second Gold Award since 2016, and once again affirming our efforts in maintaining occupational safety and health. CSL will continue to strive our best in Property Management a safe and healthy working environment for our stakeholders.

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May 2022 – Provision of Security Services for Matsukiyo (Kwun Tong branch)

Popular Japanese cosmetic store "Matsukiyo” opened the first Hong Kong branch in Kwun Tong apm and grand open on May 11 with a store area of over 3,500 square feet. City Security Company Limited (CSL) is proud to provide security services for "Matsukiyo”. After “DON DON DONKI”, it is a second Japanese funded company we provide the services. CSL will continue to provide the best security and professional guarding services for the store.

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Jan 2022 – Provision of Security Services for Don Don Donki (Kowloon Bay branch)

DON DON DONKI, located at Amoy Plaza Phase 3, Kowloon Bay officially opened on January 20, with a store area of 25,920 square feet. It is the third DON DON DONKI store using the security service from City Services Group after the Siu Sai Wan store and the Tseung Kwan O store. Our entire team will work hard to secure the store to protect the property and safety of customers and staff.

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Jan 2022 – Provision of Security Services for Tierra Verde

Tierra Verde is located at Tsing Yi Island with 2 Phases and provide 962 units. City Security will provide an efficient and professional security guarding and customer services to the residents of Tierra Verde. Our proven record in residential guarding and professional staff training ensure residents at Tierra Verde are secured from any vulnerability.

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