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Dec 2016 - The 51st Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE)

Organized by the CMA, the 51st Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo (HKBPE) was held in Victoria Park from the 13th of December thru to the 2nd of January 2017.And for the 7th consecutive year City Security Company Limited was appointed as the designated Security Services Contractor to provide comprehensive security services to ensure the smooth operation and successful completion of the exhibition.

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Nov 2016 - 2015-2016 NTSouth Best Security Services Awards Ceremony

2015-2016 NTSouth Best Security Services Awards Ceremony was hosted on 30th October 2016 at Tsuen Wan Town Hall. We have several members to get this award. It should be ensured that our service quality is on the standard.

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Oct 2016 - The 5th Hong Kong Food Carnival

Organized by the Chinese Manufactures’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA), the biennial event “The 5th Hong Kong Food Carnival” (HKFC) opened today (31 October) at Kwai Chung Sports Ground. City Security Company Limited responsible for the presence of order and crowd control management. Day also invited to the Food and Health Bureau, Mr. Ko Wing-man, and Mr. Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So, Secretary for the opening ceremony.

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Oct 2016 - Wine and Dine Festival 2016

Wine and Dine Festival organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in October 27th at the Central Harbour Front Event Space. City Security Limited security contractor General Assembly responsible for the presence of order and crowd control management. At the Opening Night, Hong Kong Financial Secretary, Mr John Tsang, Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory were invited for the opening guests, the atmosphere was full of joy and happiness.

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Oct 2016 - 2015-2016 Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards

2015-2016 Kowloon East Best Security Services Awards Ceremony was hosted on 20st October 2016 at Police Sports & Recreation Club. We have several members to get this award. It should be ensured that our service quality is on the standard.

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Oct 2016 - Professional Firing Training

City Services Group has arranged two days professional firing training for the particular members. During the training, they have had a good attitude and brilliant performance, and finally passed all the evaluation. The relevant training can enhance fire protection intellectual and professional skills, to provide a higher standard service.

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Sep 2016 - Cocktail Gathering of Management Team

On the 13th of September 2016, City Services Group held a cocktail gathering at HKCEC. All the members of the Management Team were present to share the recent working experience and development ideas. During the gathering, there was full of joy and happiness in the atmosphere.

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Jun 2016 - Sharing of Festive Joy with the Community

In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, City Services Group volunteer team and their family members visited the Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon (LST) on 4th June, 2016 (Sat). This event was to share the happiness of the Dragon Boat Festival together with the elderlies and the needy families during the rice dumplings distributing.

City Services Group volunteers were able to instill awareness on environmental protection and objectives in waste prevention. The event also gave the opportunity for parents and children to pre-celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival while enjoying the fun together.

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May 2016 –Opening Ceremony of City Services Group

In May 19, 2016, this is the main office opening ceremony of the City Services Group. In this important day, in addition to the various members of the management of the company were attended, we also invited the Co-Chairman Executive Director Mr. Xu Jianhua and Deputy Chairman Executive Director Dr. Pang Yat Bond of China City Construction Group Holdings Limited in its grand opening ceremony . There were a lot of joy during the ceremony, we will always uphold the high quality of service, enhance competitiveness within the line and erected a good corporate image

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May 2016 – Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards 2015 Presentation Ceremony

The "Kowloon West Region 2015 Best Security Service Award" organized by the Hong Kong Police Force Regional Crime Kowloon West, Headquarters Regional Crime Prevention Office, The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, and Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority. The Ceremony was successfully completed with the award presentation ceremony held at Police Sports and Recreation Club on 26th May, 2016.

This year, City Security Company Ltd was horned awarded several certificates of merit in the ceremony. The project aimed to provide a platform for property companies, security companies and front-line security to enable people to report crimes, as well as to help create a safer environment for the community.

City Security Company Ltd will ensure that our security personnel are carrying out all necessary duties as well as working closely with the Clients to deliver quality security services!

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May 2016 – “Caring Company” Award

City Services Group (“City”) continuously provides support to the community and protects the rights of the minorities, the company takes the social responsibility in which a social units should obtain. City is awarded as “Caring Company” which provided by The Hong Kong Council of Social Services, it is the 8th consecutive years that City has the same award, it shows the public consensus of City’s contribution towards social responsibilities, and also the effort of all staff from City Services Group.

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April 2016 – “Chun Wo X WEDO GLOBAL Culture Fun Day”

City Security Company Limited,A subsidiary of Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited, regularly achieves the company’s commitment of concerning social enterprises and promoting social involvement, we have encouraged our staff to participate the related voluntary activities. City Security puts high concern on the minorities and the underprivileged, our staff have joined “Chun Wo X WEDO GLOBAL Culture Fun Day” on 30th April, it aims on gaining public awareness and understanding about the ethnic minorities though holding different activities like Nepalese dance, Indian Sikh martial arts performance, the introduction of Pakistani culture and Pakistani fashion show.

Also, there was a “Chun Wo CSR Award Scheme Ceremony” during the “Culture Fun Day”, it aims on providing award to the staff whom achieved certain participation hours of voluntary activities, 14 staff were awarded under the scheme, the previous activities they have joined include promoting the ethnic minorities to get involve into different working sectors and gaining opportunities to participate public activities.

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April 2016 – Provision of Security Guarding Services for Harbour Green

Harbour Green is a residential complex which located at 8 Shum Mong Road, Olympic, Kowloon. a joint development between Sun Hung Kai Properties and MTR Corporation, models itself after seaside, complete with pillars and grand hallways. There are a total of 1,514 units in Harbour Green. The Facilities includes swimming pool, children's playroom, game room, gym, garden, billiards room etc.

From April 2016, City Security provides security guarding service to Harbour Green. We provide high quality of staff and comprehensive hardware services. By experiencing in comprehensive training and owning good communication skills, it can ensure our professional team provide premium level of security, complaint handling and corresponding measure to residents. We are continuously in pursuit of maintaining MTR Corporation Limited’s professional image and offering a stable and satisfying living environment to residents.

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Mar 2016 – Provision of Security Guarding Services for Food Warehouse of CAFÉ DE CORAL HOLDINGS LIMITED in Tai Po

CAFÉ DE CORAL was found in October 1968, it is a fast food restaurant group which owns and operates fast food chains and restaurants. CAFÉ DE CORAL became a holding limited company in 1986, it provides services in different cities and countries including Mainland China, Macau, Canada and United States. The restaurant owns the largest business in Hong Kong which includes 286 branches.

It is glad that City Securities Limited provide guarding services to the Food Warehouse in March 2016. We will delegate well-trained securities whom have good communication skills and high sensitivity of security knowledge. It aims at offering comprehensive security measures and ensuring the warehouse can operate under a safe condition.

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