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  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節
  • Quality In Detail 優質在於細節



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April 2013 - Gold Award for 2012 Construction Site Security & Management

City Security and Chun Wo C&E Co. Ltd. had to join hand participating in a project which organiesd by Hong Kong Police, at the end the project of The Tuen Mun Western Trunk Sewerage (DC/2009/11) has been awarded with the Gold Award of the New Territories North Region 2012 Best Construction Site Security & Management Awards (Roadside Work Category). Through the project involvement, we hope to enhance public awareness and alertness of construction site to prevent any losses.

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Dec 2012 – Security Service for the 47th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo

The 47th The Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo will be held at Victoria Park from 15 December 2012 to 7 January 2013. The exhibition covers an area of 28,000 square meters, with more than 400 exhibitors that operate 880 booths. Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) estimated the attendance figures would be 260 million.

CITY has been three consecutive years to provide the security and ticketing service to CMA. We have arranged experience management to provide on site supervisory service and deal with contingency matters. In response to the activity characteristic, City has enhanced the customer service training toward frontline staff. We would also arrange VIP protection team members to protect senior government officials and guests. We aimed to create a safe and comfortable shopping environment to the visitors.

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Nov 2012 - Residential Security Services for Festival City

Festival City is a large and remarkable residential-commercial development project adjacent to the Tai Wai Station and developed by Cheung Kong Property Development Ltd and MTRC. This prestigious property will raise the population and create exposure of Tai Wai significantly.

We feel honored to be selected by residents as security service provider of their estates. Our customized security services are structured to provide the best solution for residential needs. The highlighted service s tailored made in respect of the features of the site requirements associated with our positive track record in this field and solid cooperation with client on effectiveness and efficiency manner. On-site security personnel are committed to the utmost levels of professionalism, respect, courtesy, and customer service. They are well trained to assist our client handling all aspects of safety and security affairs, while also adapting to the specific needs of the residential community.

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Nov 2012 - Event Security Service for 2012 Wine and Dine Festival

Hong Kong, Asia’s world city, was hosting a vibrant epicurean feast with splendid wines and delicacies for the 4th Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade from 1 to 4 November 2012 organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. This annual event had achieved instant worldwide recognition. Thousand of visitors including of celebrities were attracted by an intoxicating wine-themed event.

As a security service provider of this event, we understood the balance between security needs and requirements of client. In this regard, our appointed managers and instructors had trained and deployed our security personnel in areas of concern to meet client needs. City Security Team has extensive security experience in handling sizable outdoor event services, not limited on Access Management, Badge Checkers & Greeters but also Stage Security and VIP Protection. We have provided wide spectrum of security support for assuring the enjoyment of visitors in a comfort and safe environment.

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Oct 2012 - Security Service for Loss Prevention to Valentino Hong Kong Ltd

Luxurious brand of Valentino is a world-renowned Italian label with lines of a vibrant and distinctive style and modernity design. The presence of uniformed security personnel in chain store can enhance security level for the benefit of client and customer.

Our security personnel is carefully chosen based on their level of ability, manner, aptitude and skill with well-trained to ensure that the premises, stock, customers and staff are safe and secure. Essentially, they are not only functioning to prevent from any losses and deal with emergencies, in addition to provide helpful customer service for client.

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Sep 2012 - Ad-hoc security services at Elements

In accordance with client’s request, CITY aims at proving ad-hoc security services with mobilized special task force for Elements in response to nearby sales event activities.

We closely cooperated with client to maintain a good order of the site for the sake to sustain a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience for its visitor as our ultimate target.

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Sep 2012 - Guarding Services for Properties Pre-sales Launch of Amalfi, Discovery Bay

AMALFI, Hong Kong Resort Company Limited’s (HKR) latest luxury and modern residential development, which is located in the coastal area of Discovery Bay. AMALFI enjoys a superb location and boasts breath taking sea views. CITY feels honor to cooperate with HKR for the provision of security and customer service for its pre-sale event activities.

City is always well-prepared for crowd control management treated as our primary concern on properties pre-sales launch. In order to provide the most efficient and effective solution, we will tailor-made a security plan with consideration of the geographical factor for this event. Meanwhile, we keep close communication with prompt response to the requirements of client. We are delighted to have opportunity to serve HKR again for providing event service at this prestigious property. As a consequence, we believe all the potential buyers would feel relax to choose their beloved flats in a comfortable environment.

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Aug 2012 - Contractor Staff Safety Award from MTR Corporation Limited

City is honored to get the 2012 Contractor Staff Safety Award from MTR on Aug. The purpose of this award is to praise staff who have been working at Tsim Sha Tsui East Station and Sheung Shui Station with good safety performance. We will keep close connection with site staff, not limited on providing of quality service, meanwhile maintaining their awareness on occupational safety and health.

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Aug 2012 - Security Service for Eslite Flagship Bookstore in Hong Kong

Eslite Bookstore is one of the famous chain stores in Taiwan with its long-standing history. Since then, the company has aggressively expanded their global business and grandly opened their first flag ship store at Hysan Place in Aug 2012. It has become the largest bookstore in Hong Kong.

City is earnest about awarding this opportunity to provide security service for client. In order to ensure a secure and peace environment for each reader, our security staff perform vital functions mainly stay in entrances and exits at a low profile thoroughly screen people and packages coupled with regular patrol to spot suspicious behaviour and make sure no unauthorized items or individuals. Beside, our security staff will work with Shop Manager to provide crowd control management in case of any events launched at the venue.

We constantly strive to enhance our service package to meet for rapidly changing needs and exceeding of expectations of our valuable client.

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Aug 2012 - Security Personnel and Tenant Service Associate at Causeway Bay Landmark - Hysan Place

Upon completion of Hysan Place, there is a 40-storey mixed-use tower that provides full sea-view Grade-A office space and 17 floors of over 120 trend-setting retail outlets in the centre of Causeway Bay with direct access to the MTR station, which is developed by Hysan Development Company Limited.

City provides high quality of security personnel and tenant service associate to fit and support the daily operation for this prestigious property. They will be responsible for providing quality customer services, crowd control management and delivering specified operational functions with delighted manner.

We not only aim at maintaining a close connection and cooperation with client for premier services, but also believe that a positive and pragmatic attitude can lead us to achieve this new project successfully.

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July 2012 - Comprehensive Guarding Service for HKUST Campus

Starting from 1 July, City feels honour to take over the security services of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), clients which is located at Clear Water Bay in Kowloon. HKUST is one of the well-known universities in Hong Kong. City strives to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

City is aimed at providing quality service to HKUST, after assessing a comprehensive site survey we implement the working procedures and formulation regulations in campus to meet the practical needs with sufficient back up support from our mobile operations team and headquarter. Regular training not limited on customer services, crowd control management and occupational safety will be provided to all of dispatched guards for facilitating their working duties on campus. In addition, our headquarters team is dedicated to rendering support to large-scale functions on campus, such as implementing crowd management measures to ensure that these functions will be accomplished smoothly.

We are glad to do our best to cooperate with HKUST and keep in good communication with client.

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May 2012 –The 4th Consecutive Year awarded as Caring Company Certificate

City is honored as a “Caring Company” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service since in 2008. Until now, here is the fourth consecutive year to receive this certificate. We will continue to comply with the mission of this scheme rendering our support and corporate responsibility for building a caring community.

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Mar 2012 – Provision of Security Service for JD Mall

We are pleased to provide a quality security guarding service that commenced on 1 March 2012 for well-known shopping centre - JD Mall. It is located on 233 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon. In the meanwhile, near to the Hung Hom station and bus stops therefore it maintains high population concentration, strong popularity always.

City is devoted in provision of full-scale security coverage for daily operation and handling ad-hoc enquiries from customers. Our mall security guards are also responsible for crowd management within the center and preventing individuals from committing criminal acts such as shoplifting.

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